These seats supercede the seats shown on the other pages as they were just placeholders.
The seats in the Raptor are an adjustable and lightweight original design. The headrests are plush and designed to rest your head against while flying. They adjust up and down about 4 inches.
The seat backs tilt forward for easy access to the rear seats. We are yet to complete the actual design, but the front seat belts will be mounted in the doors. When the doors go up the belts are completely out of the way so passengers getting in the back will not get tangled up in them. They're just another innovation to address the common problems in existing aircraft.
The seat bottoms are inclined at 12 degrees by default but can be adjusted to level as shown here. They pivot about a point on the front seat mount which means they lift the occupant up the more they are leveled. Fully leveled the pilot sits 2.5 inches higher. Unlike nearly all other GA aircraft the Raptor will have excellent visibility for any sized pilot. Shorter pilots will have no problem seeing over the glareshield.
With front and rear seats level and the rear seat cushion removed the front seats lay almost flat allowing one person to rest while the other one flies. Your spouse will enjoy those long trips. This is almost as good as business class.
The seat bottom cushions will have velcro holding them in place in the seat pan. The bottom cushion can be adjusted almost 2 inches backward so those with shorter legs wont have to feel like they can't bend their legs because of the seat bottom length.
The seat base is constructed using a frame that supports a fabric that is designed to absorb an impact such as a hard landing or landing from a chute deployment. We most likely will be ensuring that these seats meet or exceed the 26g standard.
The seat mounts are carbon cantilever which will allow you to easily place long items like skis or snowboards on the floor under the seats. The distance from the rear bulkhead to the small incline that leads up to the level area where your feet rest is 1800mm or 6'. So you will easily be able to place skis that length. Even 190cm skis will fit without interfering with your feet especially on the co-pilot side. We will include some hooks so you can strap your gear in so it can't move about.
The rudder pedals are also adjustable. Here the seat is in the full forward and upright position and the pedals are all the way aft. In this configuration the distance from the seat back to the pedals is 29". The Raptor has been designed to accommodate pilots from 5' to 6'6" and possibly even taller.
Here you can see the seat all the way back and tilted the full 12 degrees. The rudder pedals are all the way forward. They have a travel of over 11". In this configuration the distance from the seat back to the pedals is 46". Maybe even Shaq will feel comfortable in the Raptor. We'll have to wait and see.
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