Peter Muller - Design and Engineering
Peter was born in Melbourne, Australia, and as a kid, always had an interest in flying that started with kites in the park behind the house and grew into models. But back in Australia becoming a pilot seemed to be something only rich folks were able to do.

After graduating college with a B.S in computer science Peter spent a year working for a custom programming company before moving to Perth and then traveled to South East Asia and ultimately onto the U.S. After working at Apple Computer and starting his own software company he moved to Florida where the aviation bug bit again. After being heavily into flight simulation for 8 years he was able to get his private license in just 30 days. He went on to obtain Instrument, Commercial, CFI and CFII ratings.

In August of 2013, right after attending EAA Airventure for the 6th year running, he set out to design a new airplane. The Raptor is the result of that effort. With over 7 months working 10 hours a day there are still things that need to be completed but most of the design is done.

He now plans to make the Raptor the aircraft that goes after Cirrus and gives buyers a better aircraft at a better price. Later he hopes that we can get the price down further with volume and make the Raptor the reason for people to go out and get their pilot's license.
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